Tony Qiu

General Manager @ JD Worldwide, JD.COM

Keynote: JD Worldwide, the number 1 Chinese B2C marketplace.
11:30 – Theme Cross Border

After receiving his Bachelor degree of engineering from University of Melbourne, Tony worked in public service and retail industry in Australia for six years and later pursued his MBA in MIT Sloan School of Business in Boston, USA. He joined JD.COM in 2014 to establish the cross-border E-commerce business arm JD Worldwide for the company and has been managing the department since then. Under his leadership, JD Worldwide ( has grown to the largest B2C direct sale cross-border Ecommerce site in China, with trading relationship covering over 40 countries and 3000+ brands, 2.5million SKU offering and establishment of global offices in Beijing, Hong Kong and San Francisco in just 9 months after the business launch.