James Roper, Chairman & Founder, IMRG, Speaker at the Lengow Ecommerce Day 2016

James R J Roper

Chairman & Founder @ IMRG

Round table : A European tour, guided by five prestigious ecommerce associations
09:45 – Theme Cross Border

James Roper is Chairman and Founder of IMRG (Interactive Media in Retail Group), the UK industry association for e-retailing and e-commerce, and was formerly vice president of EMOTA, the European e-commerce industry association. He has worked exclusively on interactive e-retail projects since the mid-1980s and in 1990 directed the original IMR (Interactive Media in Retail) survey that led to the formation of IMRG. James is frequently a keynote speaker and chairman at conferences worldwide that relate to the e-commerce industry and its effect on trade, finance and society.