This year, Lengow Ecommerce Day is based around 4 main themes: Cross Border, Cross Channel, Cross Device and Cross Data.

Cross Border

Faced with global actors such as Amazon or Alibaba, online retailers can no longer limit themselves to their own domestic markets. How can you break through these domestic borders and launch your activity in Southern Europe, Northern Europe or even Eastern Europe? What are the challenges of these new markets and the traps to watch out for? And, in the event of a successful European cross-border strategy, should you go beyond continental barriers, and target America, Asia, or Africa? Meet the key #CrossBorder players, and discover best practices.

Cross Channel

Search engines, price comparison sites, marketplaces, social networks, messenger applications… For a while, online retailers have known that they have to increase their points of contact to widen their client base. But with the current logistics revolution making it possible for retailers to deliver to goods customers in just a few hours, the divide between e-commerce and traditional retail is also narrowing. How to tackle this new environment and succeed in omni-channel? Meet the key #CrossChannel players and discover best practices at the next Lengow E-commerce Day.

Cross Device

After several years of unfulfilled promises, mobile has finally become the ‘first screen’ for a whole new generation. But how well have online retailers integrated this device into their strategy? Are we entering into a post-Cookie era? Should you prioritise mobile devices, applications or even API by using messaging applications? And beyond text, should you experiment with new features such as voice recognition, images or even virtual reality? Meet the key #CrossDevice players and discover best practices.

Cross Data

In the era of Big Data, social networks and the Internet of Things, data has blown up and circulated between online retailers, digital advertisers and CRM players. How can you manage this data, and adopt a data-driven strategy? How can you make sure you reach the right audiences? How can you prevent fraud, and make sure data positively impacts your performance? Meet the key #CrossData players and discover best practices at the next Lengow E-commerce Day.